Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What will tempt you to buy a Windows Phone?

src- Gizmodo
I want to buy a new phone! I have a Sony Xperia Mini Android phone and decided that it’s time to buy a new phone. I made a list of phones that I would like to choose from and Sony being my favorite, Xperia Z is at the top of my list. The other phone that I considered was Blackberry Z10 and the Lumia series of Windows phones. I simply loved the interface of Windows phones and there were just 2 things that I liked about the phone; MS Office and XBOX. I am not a gamer so XBOX doesn't excite me, but MS Office was tempting.

Microsoft has 2 products for 2 extreme demographics, a gaming product for the Youth and an office product for the Business users and they just don’t seem to be talking about it.

While Office can be effectively used to capture the Blackberry users, the XBOX platform can be used as a hook to get the youngsters to buy Windows Phone.

Samsung with its Galaxy Note, promoted a Scribble Pad feature which no one really has a need for and I wonder how many actually use it. The marketing campaign was just a gimmick to make it look cool and it really succeeded.

Let's look at the PC space. What do I use on my laptop and why do I continue to use Windows? I use my laptop for Mail, Internet surfing, office apps and MS Office. Of these I can perform Mail and Internet tasks on any device; Linux, Android (phone or tab), Apple. It’s only the office apps and MS Office which do not allow me to switch to another platform and MS seems to be forgetting their strength.

Microsoft and Nokia are both promoting features like camera quality, speed, etc they have ignored their 2 main usps; XBOX and Office. I guess if they start promoting these 2 products then they may be able to replicate their dominance in the Desktop space to the Mobile

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